Fan Control Dimmer

Fan Control Dimmer

Technical Specifications: Eco Series

Technical Specifications: Eco Series
Item: Fan Control Dimmer
Design and finishingColor:White
Material: Flame Retardant PC
Module/Gang: 01 Module
Product Range: Eco Series
Minimum Installation Box Depth:4.5 cm
Other characteristicsInstallation Type: Screwed
Indicator Type: No
Switch Function: N/A
Working Temperature:(-40℃-70℃)
Power consumptionVoltage: 250V
ServiceWarranty:02 Years
Technical specificationsFrequency:50 Hz
DurabilityNumber of Operation Cycles: 40000
Glow wire test pass:850℃
InteractivityCurrent (A): 10A
Product dimensions and weightLength:86 mm
Width:86 mm

Packaging dimensions and weight
10 pcs per Box

Height:9.5 cm
Length:19.5 cm
Width:15.5 cm

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